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Economics or Anthropology?

About a week ago, a retired academician of economics from Switzerland wrote me following lines in his email: I recommend you not to spend your time in criticizing mainstream economics, as those critics are widely known within the profession, but … Continue reading

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Most Popular Myths of Mainstream Economics

These are in my opinion the most popular myths of mainstream (neoclassical, neoliberal) economics. Comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome. Note that most of these myths are also the myths of modern Western industrial education that generally fosters a sufficient … Continue reading

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Why does mainstream economics ignore ecology? (PhD progress report 3, August 2019)

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What is Innovation?

In this blog article, I will analyse the meaning of innovation by the example of a medical pill against headache, first from the narrow perspective of industrial paradigm, and then from the broad perspective of ecological paradigm. Let’s see some … Continue reading

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What is industrial paradigm?

Industrial paradigm is the human-centered, mechanistic and reductionist worldview that dominates science, education and especially economic thought since industrial revolution. For the industrial paradigm, we humans are not a part of the nature; we are outside the realm of nature. … Continue reading

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