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Natural Aquariums for Ecological Literacy and Ecosystem Modeling

Natural aquariums: Sustainable, low-tech, low-maintenance, low-cost aquariums (ecological aquariums) This is a project idea that I developed in September 2021 to discuss it first with some organisations in Switzerland. You can use it, change it, improve it, and if you … Continue reading

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My PhD thesis: Why does mainstream economics ignore ecology?

PhD thesis: Why does mainstream economics ignore ecology?

This PhD thesis is an inquiry about: (a) Why does the mainstream (neoclassical) theory of economics ignore ecology? (b) What is the place of ecology in the undergraduate level education in economics? Case in three European countries Official PhD topic: … Continue reading

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5 Essential Questions for all Departments of Economics

As stated in the Open Letter of 65+ student associations from 30+ countries, “it is not only the world economy that is in crisis. The teaching of economics is in crisis too, and this crisis has consequences far beyond the university … Continue reading

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