Is evolution a kind of creation?

Evolution of whales. Source:

There are lots of hefty discussions about the Darwinian evolution and the biblical creation story in the forum on which I regularly visit. Scientific minds and biologists usually harbor no doubts about evolution whereas religious minds tend to hate this theory. Both parties however seem to accept that creation in the biblical sense must […]

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My aquariums at home (July 2009)

Community aquarium in our living room

I have at the moment four aquariums; one in the living room, three in the study. All of them are quite large aquariums with 200 liters or more water capacity. 1) Community aquarium in the living room (160x60x60 cm) This is a somewhat overcrowded community aquarium with variety of relatively peaceful cichlids like Colombian angelfish […]

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Any difference between intelligent design and evolution?

Right wing evangelists love Intelligent Design. Source:

As is generally well-known, the Evangelist and Islamic fundamentalists typically hate the idea of Darwinian evolution which I never exactly understand why. Why can’t an omnipotent God use evolution as a natural process for creation? Must the creation necessarily be an instantaneous abracadabra carried out with some supernatural powers? We don’t deny a natural process […]

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