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Why I left the Swiss CFA Society

Good bye CFA

Until October 2012 I was a CFA charter holder and regular member of the Swiss CFA Society. After reading an article about Indonesia (as booming economy!!!) in a CFA magazine I definitely decided to resign from the society and informed the society accordingly. I won’t use the CFA designation any more. My reasons can be […]

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Open source Web Content Management Systems: Why I chose Drupal

Bilyap Aquaristic

Last year (2008), I decided to migrate our somewhat antiquated Turkish aquarium site onto a decent content management system, and started to investigate well-known open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal. I am a proficient programmer and an experienced content organizer. I wrote web applications like forums, membership systems and even […]

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Privacy policy

All user information like email, real name etc. is kept strictly confidential and never shared with a third party, or used for promotional purposes. Tunç Ali’s mind @