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I began keeping aquariums as early as I was nine years old. Since then, I kept many aquariums and lots of fish, plant and invertebrate species. My favorite fish family is of course cichlids with their fascinating behaviors. My relatively new area of interest is low-tech natural aquariums as almost self-sufficient ecosystems that are I think ideal models for sustainable life.

Important economy lesson that I learned from aquariums

As experienced aquarium-keepers know very well, the biggest problem in an aquarium is water purification; that is, keeping the water and sand healthy in the long term, for several years. Nitrogen compounds such as nitrate and other chemicals accumulated in … Continue reading

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The Song of Ecological Ignorance

Have you ever listened to the song of ecological ignorance? Probably not, because I composed such a song for the first time. Here it is: This is a little funny & simple song of ecological ignorance, and it is at … Continue reading

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My Book: Ecological Ignorance in Mainstream Economics

My book “Ecological Ignorance in Mainstream Economics”, which is a product of my PhD study at the University of Corsica (Universit√† di Corsica Pasquale Paoli, 2018-2021), is now available at Amazon as ebook and paperback: Ecological Ignorance in Mainstream Economics: … Continue reading

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My motivation letter for a job about infectious disease dynamics

I wrote following email to an healthcare institute in Switzerland to ask a question about its job opening (mathematical modeling software for infectious disease dynamics) on 23. March, 2021: Dear … I couldn’t reach you by phone today. I have … Continue reading

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What does “sustainable wellbeing economy for all” require?

After many years of reading and research, sometimes more sometimes less intensive since 2013, including my PhD thesis in economy & ecology (2018-2021), I can summarize basic requirements of the transition from “exploitative GDP growth economy” to “sustainable wellbeing economy … Continue reading

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