Discus with youngs

Discus with youngs

You may watch below my impressions from the annual AquaFish Fair for aquarium hobbyists in Friedrichshafen, Germany (see Aqua-Fisch Messe Friedrichshafen).

My spontaneous narration in Turkish with subtitles in English.

Aqua-Fish Fair 2009 March, Part 1
Content in chronological order: Quick tour, assassin snails (Anentome helena), dwarf shrimps (Neocaridina sp.), dwarf crayfish (Cambarellus sp.), discus fish natural forms and selective-bred races, various suckermouth cathfish, frightened angelfish, Malawi cichlids, fish sale in larger aquariums, blue rams, selective-bred guppies, show aquariums

Aqua-Fish Fair 2009 March, Part 2
Content in chronological order: Congo tetras, colourful severum cichlids (Heros severus), Tanganyika aquarium, planted show aquariums, tiger barbs, snail cichlids, discus fish sale, selective-bred artificial discus races, selective-bred blue rams, bazaar of aquarium clubs, Tropheus cichlids, Malawi cichlids, pearl gouramies, peacock cichlids (Aulonocara sp.), large crayfish, sajika cichlids, dwarf crayfish, expensive suckermouth catfish

Aqua-Fish Fair 2009 March, Part 3
Content in chronological order: Tanganyika aquarium with lemon cichlids (Neolamprologus leleupi), Julidochromis transcriptus with snail cichlids, young & adult Tropheus cichlids, LED lamps, mini (nano) aquariums, blue rams with bright eyed swarm fish, lemon cichlids, Congo tetras with beautiful angelfish, roots for large aquariums, aquatic plant sale, beautiful natural form discus fish

Aqua-Fish Fair 2009 March, Part 4 (last)
Content in chronological order: Marine aquariums with bright colors, Schwabenaquaristik, Rio’s red tetra ( Hyphessobrycon flammeus), x-large discus fish pair guarding their youngs, artificial looking selective-bred discus in a back-to-nature aquarium, giant turrent snails, snail hunter assassin snails, blue moon crayfish (Cherax sp.)

Tunç Ali Kütükçüoğlu, July 2009, Zürich